Friday, October 22, 2004

keep lovin

my naked eyes were watching
the setting sun
the beauty beneath
the burden of question

why is this life such a blunder
everything is known yet we ponder
blood no longer ties you
and a passing smile holds you forever

i stare again towards the glowing pain
of the parting sun
for i knew i earned a day of life
for which death will strive

love is no mystery
it is being
it is you and it is me
my chase for love ends here
for i know this chase will never end
for it should have never began

if there would have been pockets in coffin
i would possess the world
but i know this act would come to an end
a new audience a new cast
but u r never alone at last

so keep lovin and keep livin.. :)

Animations - dove-02 Animations - cat leaps