Thursday, July 09, 2009

i-m-possible !!!!!!

blossoms on parched land

songs on tied tongue

heart beats in the dead

vision in the blind

fire on lake placid

movement in stillness

exuberance in void

love in petrified heart

"impossible is possible"

for the one who believes

faith is not an external shell

it is our very core

from where dreams take shape

and expands our being

impossible is possible

for the man who thinks

to venture on untreaded paths

leaving his own mark

on the sands of time

for the brilliance of his wine

will intoxicate the lost souls

so they realise their

carved out dreams

impossible is possible

for the one who knows

a bright dawn awaits

the darkest of nights

to take away pangs of pain

of a long journey

bathing in morning dew

for those few

who kept walking

and never looked back

impossible is possible

for those who learn

to discern

right from wrong

and make tough choices

for the wrong tempts

and rewards instantly

with short lived pleasures

the right will take longer

and test harder

but rewards eternally

one may sweat and bleed initially

where vision is hazy and hopes thrashed

where nothing lasts

friendship,family and fortune

may vanish fast

and that is when

the greatest of tasks

were accomplished

by the brave souls of the soil

they conqured mortality

and will be remembered eternally

impossible is possible for those

who walk off the edge

and treats this whole world

a stage

where life is enacted

and roles played

for they learn to laugh

and enjoy their part

in the game of life

to master camaraderie

they join hands

and take all along

where none is left alone

and together they accomplish

the i-m-possible ........................

from where i stand today

i wish to see

a world sculpted

by the hands

of these men of substance

with strong shoulders

to pillar humanity

away from all the insanity


get UP and get GOING

if i were asked
one thing in this world
that shatters me
beyond imagination
i would say
its a man without enthusiasm
a man without courage
a man who loses
his will to live
a man who gives up
a man who hates himself
a man not MAN enough...

a river never loses hope
meandering through dreaded channels
on pebbles,concrete and gravel
from the darkest woods
hitting rock bottom
from the highest cliffs..
no mountain dares its determination
to reach the mighty ocean
its panoramic destination
and when the two meet
after a long ordeal
after myriad twists and turns
and topsy turvy oscillations
heres a revealation
for mankind and its affiliations...

the river no longer
is a lonely river
it acquires the vastness
and grandeur of ocean..

life is no smooth ride
and if its one
its really not life
the tougher the times
the bigger the opportunity
to learn a few more secrets
life caged in its bosom
for you to acquire new strength
and carve your destiny
and shape your life
its the crisis
that seperates the real
from the pretenders
give up not
for a man is not born
to give up
he is born
to take up
challenges like a rugby game
to dodge the hurdles
overpowering him
and keep moving
never to lose sight
of the goal
and the purpose of his being
of the only thing
that makes him man
the mightest of all entities
even in his frailties
he can redefine
this thin line
between winning and losing

get UP and get GOING!!!!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

one last time

you have been walking
for so long without stopping
turn around and give me your hand
close your eyes
and let me dream on your behalf
let me hear
what you havent even said

engulfed in the chills outside
as if a thousand isebergs
melted in me
in the warmth of your breaths
the moment stood still
but you kept walking
with me following
to grab you if you fall
to stand beside you
to accompany you
and still never evade
your silence and your solace
your love like a grace
like a prayer in my heart
in my silent musings

let me shoulder
the weight on your soul
give it all to me
know that i am strong
i can hold on
to traversties and tramples of time

in this star sprangled night
let me play the old melody
once again to your shattered soul
to heal it and bring it back
to life and love

can you trust me
this one last time???

Sunday, May 31, 2009


swinging by my bedside
i stayed up all night
waiting for the dawn
for that first sight
swooshed aloud and screamed
in my own mind

i wish i could bare my soul
come out of this dingy hole
back into my light
like a free bird
in the vastness of sky
unbound and unceased
unchained and carefree
flying higher than my own being
now wondering if i understand a few things

let the storm pass
and spare no sight alas!
ripples rovered in revenge
on calmer surface entrenched
encroached on my patience
like a mirror
in million pieces
lying on the floor
behind closed door

destruction leads to rejuvenation
death leads to life
like a phoenix
from my own ashes
gathered my being
with darkness all around
it illumined like many suns
with all veils burnt
in its brilliance

like no gravity
hovered around like a feather
in rainbow adorned weather
in mysterious violin echoes
from eons back
everything around crystalled
in trasparent audacity
like everything communicating
something to you
those eternal messages from yore
our material ears couldnt adore
when you copmprehend
the incomprehensible
and the unimaginable
when all chains are broken
and all rules immaterial
when every word uttered
is a song to eternity
the whole universe
full of melody
a joy ruptures from within
and keep pouring out
as if it can fill
the whole cosmo
with an enormous expansion
spanning galaxies and beyond
you break free from
your tiny existence
and merge with the eternal
to become one with it
to become one beyond it
far from fragile limitations
like a gift
this immortality
is caged in the seeds
of eternal secrets
waiting to be revealed

too soon

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

sighs of a lover

you are the rivulets
flowing through my mind
every time i am walking
i stop to turn back
to see if you are behind..

the waves of my being
chain you all over me
even when you try to
depart like twilight sunshine

and if you still know not
my love for you
i will be the breeze
wrapped in your fragrance
cascading through your body
in sheer elegance
whispering in your ear
the secrets i held dear

i wish i can turn back time
when i killed my dreams
so suave and sublime
never even confessed my love
to you until now
thinking my silence
will communicate to you somehow
i even shouted and yelled at you
how else do i tell
i really really love you

miss you when i am awake
miss you when i sleep
miss you in the rains
miss you in the chills
miss you in the summer
miss you in the springs
miss you inside me
miss you all around me

i run out of words
every time i try to tell you
i wont want to lose
now that i finally found you
your voice echoes in my ear
your smile crystalled in my eyes

like an artists imagination
painted you on my being
and if you still dont understand a thing
you would never be told
what you always meant to me

petrified in my heart
you will be caged till eternity
like a prayer on my lips
you will be whispered eternally
like a vision in my eyes
i will see you eventually
like blood in my veins
in every iota of my body .

(i wish you read these words
and know how much you are loved
before its too late
before nothings left to state..........)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

alis grave nil : nothing is heavy to those who have wings

vivid flow of rivers of my thought
conspired to draw me deep within
my own world my own being
trying in vain old game of hiding

face it or fake it
one has to make it
the chase now transformed
to a new beginning
where gloom is as true as lightening

no longer at crossroads
i stood without a choice
it hardly matters
whether one succumb or rejoice
that one way ahead
drawing me with all its might
like a grain of sand
swaying in mighty dash of breeze
how can one judge
whats wrong and right ?

i held time still
letting lose threads of imagination
will i turn to ashes
or is it time for rejuvenation
countless ripples on calm core
where on surface i became
a vast ocean

when i gave in to life
it began unfolding
guess its done with
its spree of testing
my endurance and strength
or clueless at my indifference

hope in my heart
song on my lips
dream in my eyes
air in my lungs
sky above my head
soil beneath my feet
a part of me wants to leave
and a part wants to stay
ceased between this sway
gathered my being
i am waiting for your
next sting

guess the journey is yet to begin...

Monday, September 22, 2008

terror twilight

crimson tides across skies
sends message from aboard
the land below has turned bloody red
sullying everything that was once sacred....

catharses of human endeavors
lies naked in front of thy eyes
we built nations for centuries
and all it took was one explosion
to blow us apart…..

our death at a click of a button
in their hands
so at their will
the whole city stood still
that fateful night
blood thirsty and nasty
snatched smiles form many faces
lying everywhere their scattered pieces ....

stop this dirty game
enough to put humanity at shame
their left behind helpless souls
shrieking tears and widespread fears..
booming from every corner of the street
while you step out of the doors
death waits in the garb of greet....

no one knows who's next
whether I will see tomorrow
or be a bait to these enemy of fate?

they intend to ravish
the kingdom of bones and flesh
on the name of god and scripts
can destroy our dreams in a flash….

pain of orphans and widows
homeless and helpless
melt them not
for they are not humans
but evil disguised as blotch..

lost is the kingdom of god
what is left is
a mad man
in the name of god
wanting a kingdom of his own
built on ashes of our dreams and hope.

are we waiting to yield?
for how long we will mortgage
our freedom to fear ?
for how long we plan
to live at their mercy?
for how long we plan
to pity our own identity?
for how long we will be
impotent spectators
to their ruthless verdict?

why cant humanity
stand up and find
its lost esteem and identity ?
its lost serendipity
its lost parity
its long lost you and me ……

for how long ???

Saturday, July 12, 2008

this is what dreams are made of

a star winkles over the glory of night

shining through and through to you

one in eternity in its entirety

this is what dreams are made of.....

reluctance of river to embrace ocean

tread in travesty still laughing merrily

sheen of calm caressing acclaims

this is what dreams are made of.....

glance through a child's eyes

searching for contours of mother's face

amidst a world so strange

this is what dreams are made of......

courting like a lover's delight

laughing through those endless fights

a joy that unfolds in tear drops on embrace

this is what dreams are made of.......

rainbow colours of human emotions

love disguised as hatred and jealousy

comforting solace even in this insecurity

this is what dreams are made of........

conquer the world with imagination

fading with time yet moving towards rejuvenation

a desire to live again without hesitation

this is what dreams are made of.........

like destiny hatching a conspiracy

and man wants to let go and break free

courage disguised as a sweet surrender

this is what dreams are made of ........

a temptation on fire between the lovers

fearless suspension of laws of time and space

amnesia about the world all around

this is what dreams are made of.......

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