Saturday, October 23, 2004

shrieking silence

the silence of night
is adorable
the calm of winds
is laudable
the silense of man......
is questionable

when a brohter is beheaded
and a sister is ripped off her dignity
we talk about equality ,peace and prosperity
cos the day here is chill
and night is still numb

till we dont hear
the shrills of misery
we think life is green
till we dont feel
the pangs of hunger
we think world is prospering

we close our eyes
jus like the dove
on seing the approachin predator
and think it is not there

the sacred texts have turned
bibles of terror
we will all be left with
the destruction and fretter
the death will dance
on the grave of deception

this silence be not misunderstood
its the lull before the storm
time would lose its grip
on the laps of eternity
for us to see our destiny
doomed in darkness for us to reap
what we have sown,
for generations to come.

we gift them blood and hatred
we snatch their smiles
we rob their innocense
on our false pretence
that we care for the world
behind the masks of
stinking selfish existence

ignorane is what we suffer
and what we preach
why do we watch with
our eyes open
and tongue stitched??????

the sretches of
deserts of hopelessness
and oceans of arrogance
takes a backlash
who would you safeguard
when your own people are killed
with your own bullets???

speak up!!for the time is ripe
to grip it in your hands
and hold it tight
or else it 'd be too late
to count on fate
for the world would be left with


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