Friday, November 05, 2004

call of the ocean

the dying waves on the shore
touching my feet
with the warmth
so dynamic and so pure
approaching from far end
to bid farewell dawning close
to teach without words
a detached attachment
with other waves
departing one by one
saying good bye
with a promise to meet again.......

this lesson fell
like a tear from my eyes
and the wave splashed on my face
to feel no sorry for them
they are not gone for ever
at the beck and call of mother nature
to return ....
with even more love
in their bosom....

the ceiling of clouds
the bed of sands
the miracle of winds
so full of life and 'you'

i close my eyes
never to let go of 'you'
and never to see anythin
more divine than this
one mother and her eternal love
manifested variedly
to take care of us
to share our sorrows
to relish our joys
to endure our pain
and asking nothing in return
not even our concern...........
NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!

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