Saturday, November 06, 2004 ga over Ganga...........

the dancing sunbeams
are telling something
to your sparkling beauty
untarnished glories for centuries
you have been the mecca
for the wanderers of peace
like sulking clouds
unaware of the destination
they thought to reach.........
nothing could challenge
your territory and charisma
you stood the test of time
and hummed an ancient rhyme
while piercing this saintly land
pumping life in barren sand
glittering stars on your robe
and the touch of your chill
ran through me like a sensational thrill
enlivening every dead entity
in my petrified body
melting it like a wax
and bewitched at your abundance
from dawn to twilight radiance
under the purple sky
guarded by those giant greens
that alluring breeze
whispered an unchained melody
a fragrance unpossessed till date
i wanted to cage it all
i felt your love cascading my hair
running through my breath
and i knew i cant cage you
for you belonged to every bleeding heart
that has longed for a lonely laugh
i take this calm along with me
wherever i will go
i know you will follow
and so i sit on my knees
and to your love i bow............


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