Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Return To Cradle

A biwitching smile tells it all
the innocence gripped with charisma
cherish the pellets of life
in its own mediocre comprehension

an estranged reality burdened
by multifarious colours
and the seeds of novelty
on the bed of conventions

there lies those glittering eyes
searching for some meaning
out of these meaningless contours
but a placid faith that arrests fear
and returns laughter for every tear

rid of the craps of his world
lies the innocence in the cradle
beneath ignorance lies the greatest knowledge
and that deadly magnetism
with its alluring hold
grips the known and unknown alike
towards the radiating divine love

and the infectious pleasures
drawing from the observers
those tiny fingers gripping
what they can hold
and not what they can save
despite post natal handicaps
the smile never deserts that charming face
for a faith on entity
that has bubbled this creation
from the fluids of awareness

this world of corpse without dead bodies
this garden without flowers
these temples without idols
and yet those eyes bear hope
and bosom immesurable love
in melodious drummings of heart
that sings the praises of the almighty
a gratitude in solitude
for it knows its not alone
and so laughs on its own

take off those crowns of inflated egos
and throw the ashes
of burned kingdoms of sadness
and oceans of tears
on the beds of guilt and fear
and obsessions of sex and aggression
return to the cradle of innocence
return to where u belong
and not where u have reached
in meaning and essence..........
with love...................meetu


Blogger Virag said...

hi once again i nice one..cradle was a better one

Wed Nov 17, 10:56:00 PM 2004  
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