Thursday, November 18, 2004

one poem i jus could not complete :(

Listen to this heart
as it sinks tonight
i felt it crying for you
i felt it vying for you
these eyes have never seen you go
when the dreams are
on the look out for you
you never cared to
even look back at me
for i have never been
your priority....
i am an ocean of love
but you cant drink me
i am your glimpse in the mirror
but you cant hold me
i am the heart thats pumping life
in your eternity
how can you even forget me?
you can run you can hide
but you can never escape me
i am waiting on the road
you left me
to tread to your ultimate destiny
but all your roads
would come back to me
you would find me waiting
for the twilight
when the sun of your life
would set on me
for you i would face
every drudgery
for your heart would know
i am calling you
you would see my face
in every stranger you meet
you would feel my body
in cold or heat
i am your today
i will be your tomorrow
i would be the warmth to ease you
from the chills of grief and sorrow
every dusk would remind you
of the evading night
you cant alone fight
like the melting candle of your room
i would burn to get you out
of dark dungeons of life
will hold your hand
to prevent you fall
that would be my last call.....
come back till i am caged in this body
come back till this rage is in custody
and i know you would
come back to me
that same road would be empty
and would find me
beneath your feet
turning to ashes
still lovin you ..never leavin you
irrespective of you
if i am not there besides you
you would be day without night
you would be strength without might
you would be fire without light
i complete you and you complete me
and without you
this poem wd be as incomplete
as me....................


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a feeling you write more to express emotions rather than aim
for technical refinement of the poem. That's fine by my standards,
though I've learnt that it helps when you tweak it a little. I'd try
to cut down that draft, and really aim for words that packs meaning
into them.


Sun Nov 21, 12:11:00 AM 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

really very beautiful. i cant express more then these lines.................

Tue Dec 28, 01:06:00 AM 2004  

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