Monday, September 22, 2008

terror twilight

crimson tides across skies
sends message from aboard
the land below has turned bloody red
sullying everything that was once sacred....

catharses of human endeavors
lies naked in front of thy eyes
we built nations for centuries
and all it took was one explosion
to blow us apart…..

our death at a click of a button
in their hands
so at their will
the whole city stood still
that fateful night
blood thirsty and nasty
snatched smiles form many faces
lying everywhere their scattered pieces ....

stop this dirty game
enough to put humanity at shame
their left behind helpless souls
shrieking tears and widespread fears..
booming from every corner of the street
while you step out of the doors
death waits in the garb of greet....

no one knows who's next
whether I will see tomorrow
or be a bait to these enemy of fate?

they intend to ravish
the kingdom of bones and flesh
on the name of god and scripts
can destroy our dreams in a flash….

pain of orphans and widows
homeless and helpless
melt them not
for they are not humans
but evil disguised as blotch..

lost is the kingdom of god
what is left is
a mad man
in the name of god
wanting a kingdom of his own
built on ashes of our dreams and hope.

are we waiting to yield?
for how long we will mortgage
our freedom to fear ?
for how long we plan
to live at their mercy?
for how long we plan
to pity our own identity?
for how long we will be
impotent spectators
to their ruthless verdict?

why cant humanity
stand up and find
its lost esteem and identity ?
its lost serendipity
its lost parity
its long lost you and me ……

for how long ???


Blogger Citizen of Earth said...

For how long indeed?

Spare me your doctrine
Your dogma
Twisted fears
Spreading tears
Not what your god intended

I will not show my fear
It’s secret safe in my keeping
And I await the sleeping
Dignity, respect and understanding

Us and them
Race to the end
To find Paradise waiting

Too late they learn
Paradise waits not in heaven
But was here among us
All along
Waiting for us to make it happen
Right here
On Earth

Come join hands
Across lands
Silence the madness
Let us start

Sun Oct 05, 08:56:00 AM 2008  
Blogger meetu said...

BEAUTIFUL .......NECTAR OF WISDOM . awesome words . i wrote this on the horrible bomb blasts tht shook delhi recently . i hate these cowards ...these enemies of humanity . worst they target innocents !! its a pity we r so helpless in front of them .

Mon Oct 06, 10:11:00 AM 2008  
Blogger Hopper said...

Lovely poem... as always... thanks for sharing friend...

Wed Oct 08, 04:55:00 PM 2008  
Blogger Virag Thakkar said...

hey meetu. this is virag hope u recall me. i hv lost ur email id as well as cell number. pls contact back on

Thu Oct 09, 11:52:00 AM 2008  
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